Inserting an image in your Google Doc has never been easier. Use Google's SafeSearch to quickly add an online image to your Google Doc. Follow these steps to insert & resize images in your Google Doc. For a video version of this tutorial, click here.

Step 1: Position your cursor to where you want to insert the image on your Google Doc.

Step 2: Click “Insert” on the Menu Bar, then click “Image…”

Step 3: “Choose an image to upload” if you already have an image saved on your device, or, click “Search” to bring up an online image search.

Step 4: Type your keywords in the search box, then click the search icon or press Enter on your keyboard.

Step 5: Click on “Any type” to sort images by photos, clip art, etc.

Step 6: Click the image you want, then click “Select” to insert the image into your Doc.

Step 7: Click on the middle of your image to select it. Then, click & drag the top corner, or bottom corner of the image to resize it. To change the wrapping, select the image and choose either in-line, wrap text, or break text. In-line means that the picture acts like a piece of text and it cannot be freely placed on the page. Wrap text means that the image is free and can be placed anywhere on the page, and that text will wrap around it. Break text is the same as wrap text except that there will be no text to the right or left, only above and below.

Step 8: Click on your image and then click the “crop” icon to crop your images, or click the “Reset Image” icon to reset the image to it’s uncropped state.

Video Tutorial: