One of the best features of Google Classroom is the ability to push out templates that you have created so that each one of your students get their own copy to edit. You can create your template with a Google Doc, a Google Sheet, or Google Slides. Using this method, students no longer need to go to File, and Make a copy. This technique is so efficient! Click here for a video tutorial.

Step 1: First, create the template you want your students to use in either Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides.

Step 2: In Google Classroom, create your assignment. Next, click the Google Drive icon to attach your template to the assignment.

Step 3: Locate your template and click “Add”.

Step 4: click where it says “students can view file” and select “Make a copy for each student”.

Step 5: Make sure it now says “Make a copy for each student” before you click Assign. If you clicked “assign” before you chose the make a copy for each student option, then you would have to delete the assignment and start the process over.

Step 4.png

Video Tutorial: