This is the feature you have been waiting for. Just like PowerPoint, Google Slides now let's you add background music. No more crazy workarounds needed to get background music to play in your Google Slides. Google has finally integrated it’s new ‘Insert Audio” feature in Slides. It’s super easy to add audio, just follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Make sure you have added your MP3 or WAV audio files to Google Drive

STEP 2: Open your Slides. Click Insert-Audio...

STEP 3: The search box automatically searches for any MP3 or WAV files in your Google Drive. Click on one mp3 file, then click Select

STEP 4: Your audio is now added. Hover over the icon to see the preview bar

STEP 5: Right-click the audio icon to access some great formatting options

STEP 6: By default, the audio is set to play once the icon is clicked while presenting the slides. Also, by default, the audio is set to stop playing as soon as the next slide is advanced.

STEP 7: I like to change the settings so that the audio automatically starts to play without clicking on the icon. I also like to have the audio playing until the slideshow stops. You can even choose to hide the audio icon while presenting. *Note that there is not an option to choose which slide the audio should stop playing.

STEP 8: If interested, you can select a different color for your audio icon

Click here for more details from Google's G Suite Updates