#1. Make sure to return all student work - Your students have worked hard on their Google Classroom assignments. Let’s make sure to return their digital work, just like we would return their paper/pencil work. This transfers ownership of the Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide back to the student (ownership was transferred to the teacher once students press the “turn in” button).

Step 1: Click the Assignment Title

Step 2: Click the checkbox next to Done. This will automatically select all of the student work that has been “turned in”. Once checked, then click Return to return ownership back to the students.

#2 Archive your Google Classroom, do not remove, or unenroll students - Don’t attempt to keep this year’s Google Classroom, unenroll the current students, and then add next year’s students in the fall. That might seem like an easy way to stay organized, however there is a better method, it’s called archiving your Google Classroom. Archiving your Google Classroom still allows you to reuse any posts into other Google Classrooms you might create. When we delete students from a Google Classroom and then add new students in the fall it is too easy for us (the teachers) to keep doing things the same way we have in the past. All of our assignments, announcements, and questions are already in place, which might seem like a good thing, however true growth as a teacher comes from reflecting and adapting our assignments year to year. Archiving our Google Classroom gives us the opportunity to rethink an assignment each time we reuse a post. What should we keep the same? What should we change? Why?

Step 1: From the Classes menu, make sure to add the current school year to your Google Classroom before you archive it.

Step 2: Archive your Google Classroom.

Step 3: Your Archived Google Classroom can be restored by clicking the Menu button and scrolling all the way down to find Archived Classes. Once you locate the archived class you would like to restore, click the 3 buttons icon and select Restore.