Whether you are a teacher looking to collect students’ assignments, or an administrator who needs to get teachers’ lesson plans, you are all looking for the option to include a file upload in your Google Forms. That option is now here!

Step 1: Start a new Google Form, create your question, then select File Upload as your answer choice

Step 2: Click CONTINUE if the following prompt appears

Step 3: You can select up to 10 files to be uploaded to each Form question. You can also change the Maximum file size (we recommend 100 MB)

Step 4: You can also select which types of files you would like to allow users to upload (default is set to “all file types allowed)

Step 5: When a student accesses the Form, they will see an ADD FILE button

Step 6: When ADD FILE is clicked, the student will be able to upload a file from their computer, or upload a file from their Google Drive

Step 7: After a file is selected, the Form will show which file(s) have been attached

Step 8: There are several ways for a teacher to view the files that their students have uploaded:
  1. Click RESPONSES on the top of the Form.
  2. View the file uploads in the automatically created folder in the teacher’s Google Drive
  3. View the Google Sheet created within the Form Responses