One great feature of Google Sheets is the ability to create “in-cell dropdown lists”. This tool, called the “data validation tool,  lets you select from a list of terms to enter in a cell on a Google Sheet by simply clicking a dropdown arrow. It’s very easy to set up, and it saves anyone using the sheets a ton of time!

Step 1: First, create your Google Sheet, setting up all of your cells. Leave the cells in which you would like the drop down arrows to appear blank cells for now.

Step 2: Next, create your list of terms that you would like to appear in the drop down list(s). Create more than one column of terms if you want to have different selections for different cells.
Untitled image.png

Step 3: Click and drag to highlight all of the cells that you would like to have dropdown arrows added to.

Step 4: Right click and select “data validation”, or click “Data” on the Menu bar and then select “Validation”.

Step 5: click the array of 9 empty cells button to select your data range.

Step 6: Now, click and drag to highlight the list of terms you wish to appear in your dropdown arrow. Then click “OK”.

Step 7: Your data range is now automatically entered. Simply click “Save” to have the dropdown arrows inserted.

Step 8: Your dropdown arrows will now work!
Screenshot 2016-03-17 at 3.12.01 PM.png

Video Tutorial: