Often you will have Google Classroom assignments that you do not want your students to see until a specific day or time. Using Google Classroom’s “schedule” feature, you can create as many assignments as you would like ahead of time, and then choose exactly when each assignment will go live to your students. This “schedule” feature also works with announcements and questions in Google Classroom.

Step 1: Click the + sign on the bottom right of your Google Classroom to add an assignment, announcement, or question

Step 2: When done creating your assignment, announcement, or question, click the drop down arrow next to the Assign button

Step 3: Click Schedule form the list of options after clicking the drop down arrow next to Assign

Step 4: Click on the date and time to select an exact time for your post to go live to your students. Click the Schedule button when you have the day/time that you want (you can type in an exact minute that you would like your post scheduled)

Step 5: Your post will now be hidden from the stream view until it goes live. To edit your post, click the down arrow where it says Saved posts on the top of your stream

Step 6: Any scheduled posts will be listed here. Click on the title of the post to make any changes