Did you know that you can create multiple choice quizzes in Google Forms that are automatically graded? You can also give your students text that explains why the answer they chose is correct, why the answer they chose is not correct, and links to videos or websites that can explain even further. Google Forms as quizzes is a fantastic tool for formative assessments.

(Scroll down for a video tutorial)
Step 1: In your Google Drive, click on New - More - Google Forms to create a new quiz.

Step 2: Change the first question from “Untitled Question” to “Student Name:” Also change the answer type from multiple choice to “short answer” so students can type their name in (it’s usually a good idea to capture the names of everyone taking your quiz).

Step 3: Use the plus icon on the right to create your questions and multiple choice answers. Click “Required” for all of the questions that you want the mandatory responses from.

Step 4: Edit the Title of your form.

Step 5: Go to the “Settings” cog, check Collect email address, Restrict to Howell Public Schools users, and Limit to 1 response. Then click Save

Step 6: Go back to the “Settings” cog, and this time click Quizzes. Click Make this a quiz to turn the quiz feature on. Then click Save.

Step 7: Set the correct answer and set the points available for each question - Click on one of the questions. Then click ANSWER KEY on the bottom.

Step 8: Click the correct answer. Edit the number of points this question is worth, and add the optional  answer feedback if you would like.

Step 9: Repeat step 8 for each question in your quiz.

Step 10: Click Send to get a link to this quiz.

Step 11: Click the Link icon, check Shorten URL, and COPY this link.

Step 12: Add this quiz into a Google Classroom Assignment, paste the link in a Google Doc and share with students, or show the link to students using your ceiling projector.

Step 13: Viewing Results - Click RESPONSES on the top. Choose to view from a Summary of the entire class, or individual student results.

Step 14: In Responses view, scroll down and click RELEASE SCORES to automatically have Google send an email to each student who took the quiz.